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Essential Vitamins | Performance Optimizer | Cardiovascular Health


Vitamin A promotes good vision, healthy immune system, and cell growth. 

Vitamin B (1,2,6,12) Thiamin (B1) cannot be stored in the body, so you need it in your diet every day. It helps break down and release energy from food and keeps the nervous system healthy. Riboflavin (B2) keeps skin and eyes healthy. Pyridoxine (B6) helps the body store energy from protein and carbs. As well as helps your circulatory system. Vitamin B12 helps make red blood cells, release energy from food, and use folate. Did you know? Lack of Vitamin B12 could lead to vitamin B12 deficiency which can cause anemia. 

Vitamin D3 can be taken as a supplement to improve overall health or used to treat osteoporosis.

Vitamin E  a nutrient that's important to vision, reproduction, and the health of your blood, brain and skin. Vitamin E also has antioxidant properties.

Vitamin K2  may prevent wrinkles, reverse aging, reduce your risk of heart disease, promote bone strength, and reduce osteoporosis. 

Niacin (B3) may help lower cholesterol, ease arthritis, and boost brain function. 

Calcium build and maintain strong bones

Potassium helps knock out a sluggish metabolism and gets it back on track to natural levels of effectiveness. 

Magnesium Oxide is important for many systems in the body especially the muscles and nerves. Magnesium oxide is used as a supplement to maintain adequate magnesium in the body. Magnesium oxide is also used as an antacid.

Zinc Citrate a nutrient found throughout your body, helps your immune system and metabolism function. Zinc is also important to wound healing and your sense of taste and smell. 

Citrus Bergamot  works as effectively as cholesterol-lowering statin drugs. However, bergamot not only lowers cholesterol naturally but also increases high density lipoprotein (HDL) in the body.

Organic Turmeric Powder helps prevent oxidation of cholesterol in the body. 

Maca Extract  is believed to be an aphrodisiac that can enhance sexual performance. 

DIM may help prevent hormonal acne, prevent effects of estrogen on cells, and lowers toxins produced by your body's natural metabolism. 

Garlic Extract benefits include blood pressure, cholesterol, and atherosclerosis.

Ginger Extract can aid with weight loss

Nattokinase  benefits cardiovascular health 

BioPerine cardiovascular benefits, digestive health benefits, and weight loss 

Boron speeds up healing times,  relieves menstrual pain, and can help prevent arthritis 


Suggested Use:

As a dietary supplement take 6 capsules daily, or as recommended by a healthcare practitioner. 


This product is to be used by adults only. Consult a healthcare practitioner prior to use: if you are pregnant or breastfeeding; taking prescription or over the counter medication. May cause mild stomach discomfort. Store in a cool, dry place away from sunlight. Do not use if the inner seal is broken. Keep out of reach of children. 

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.